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I’ve tried to kick off this blog for the last few weeks,  but my attempts have been thwarted by a continuous flurry of fantasy football draft inquiries. ‘Tis the season…

As I sit here bumpin’ A$AP Ferg while drafting a friend’s team through a G-chat conversation and reviewing another’s draft recap, I wonder how I’m going to have enough time to even take a (Chris) Leak, later.  I figured the least I could do is get an initial introductory (U.T.) post under my belt.

For those of you who have had the chance to get to know me, you know I’ve been od’ing on sports since I was in the womb and have been taking whip-its of fantasy sports since I was 13. With such an addiction, one would have thought I would have ended up like Sam Hurd by now. Although one of my good friends did run track vs. Sam Hurd in high school in Texas, my fantasy resume is a bit more glamorous than Hurd’s NFL career ever was.

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always maintained an inexplicable liking towards professional athletes. While I appeared to be like any other kid growing up who was obsessed with sports, it went further than collecting sports cards and pleading with my parents for a new sports jersey for Christmas. At a young age, I discovered I had a knack for being able to read statistics and player profiles and was able to stash that information for whenever I needed to recall it.

I’ve refined that ability and tailored it towards how I analyze sports, specifically fantasy, by considering various elements and trends, past and present, while attempting to predict a player’s production.

While I co-pilot your football season this year, my goal is for you to acquire some of the essentials to sharpen your knowledge and shrewdness in fantasy sports.