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In lieu of tonight’s Rams/49ers game, I had to dig into the crates for this classic exchange between former Quarterback, Jim “Chris” Everett, and talkshow host Jim Rome.

The Rams and 49ers met in the 1989 NFC Championship, a game where Everett was rattled by the 49ers pass rush. Everett took what was later deemed the “phantom sack” on a play where he fell to the ground in anticipation of the pass rush, but the 49ers had yet to get close to him.

In 1994, Everett appeared on Rome’s show “Talk2” on ESPN2. Rome wasted no time calling him Chris Everett, after the female tennis player. While many thought this was a staged exchange, Deadspin did an interview with Everett in 2012, that debunks that claim. Everett threw for 34,837 yards, 203 TDs, and 175 INTs in his 12-year career.

And now, the featured presentation: