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Per the tweet below from Portland Trailblazers insider Chris Haynes, things are already looking up for this year’s NBA dunk contest at All-Star weekend. The dunk contest is set to take place on Saturday, February 15th in New Orleans.

Trailblazers’ Point Guard Damian Lillard is one of the most-exciting young players in the game and now he’s ready to turn up in the dunk contest. It’s only right that some of the game’s best talents can partake in the high-flying event. Feel free to submit your 4-bar posts to Mr. Lillard (via Instagram) every Friday, if you got bars for the dude.

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Obviously someone forgot to take their medicine…An epic tantrum by Joakim Noah last night is making tidal waves across the internet. It’s no wonder he lost his cool as emotions were running high in a very physical game between the Bulls and Kings. The clip below is what ensued after Noah received his second technical of the night…

Joakim Noah freakout

This was too good of a scene to just post one image, so I did a little more digging. Will Brinson from CBS Sports posted this tweet shortly after the outburst, that depicts the scene from a previous Noah incident.


Classy broad right there, real classy…

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After undergoing season-ending knee surgery during the 08-09 season with the Houston Rockets, Tracy McGrady’s career never recovered. The McGrady that NBA fans can most T-Mac baseballidentify with is one who filled up the basket night-in and night-out, abusing NBA defenses who tried to contain him. But after the 2009 knee surgery, McGrady’s career hit a tail-spin, failing to post double digits in scoring in a season for the remainder of his career. It was a screeching halt to a potent run for McGrady, who even ended up playing a year with the Qingdao Eagles of the Chinese Basketball Association during the 2012-2013 season.

After officially retiring from the NBA in August of 2013, McGrady has been mostly irrelevant except for appearances at Jay-Z concerts in Houston and for his questionable suit choices. So while the McGrady we once knew has come and gone, he may be resurrected to relevance through another career opportunity: Professional baseball. That’s right, reports indicate that T-Mac has been working out as a pitcher, effectively hitting 90 + mph on radar guns. It has even been stated that he has been doing work on the mound with none other than Roger Clemens.

While it’s difficult to predict if McGrady’s baseball career will gain any traction, it’s a clear advantage to potentially be fast-tracked by having a prominent name and being a superstar from another sport. The 34-year-0ld might not latch on with a Major League roster anytime soon, but combine 90 + mph fastballs with being Tracy McGrady and he could easily land in an independent baseball league at some point this winter.

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Kevin Durant is a beast. With Russell Westbrook out until the Allstar Break, the Slim Reaper has been a stone-cold assassin. The dude can score at will and everyone in the gym knows it. No surprise he currently leads the league in scoring. Check the video below, watch him ball, and let me know if you think the Blazers regret not picking him when they had the chance..

Shout out to Peck Vision for the clip.

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Today, athletes and rappers often run in the same circles. 1999 was no different (except for maintaining a higher quality in hip-hop). Emerging from the Boogie-down-Bronx and onto the rap scene in the 1990s, Big Pun immediately solidified himself as one of the most talented emcees in the game.

Pun and his group, the “Terror Squad,” dropped their debut album in 1999. The music video for the hit track “Whatcha Gon Do” is below with special appearances from then relevant NBA ballers Stephon Marbury and Kenny Anderson. You don’t get much more 90s than this video. Enjoy this week’s version of take-it-to-the-rack-throwback-Thursdays. R.I.P. to the late great, Big Pun.

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Throughout his illustrious 18 year career, Kevin Garnett has proved his passion for basketball, on and off the court. On this Throwback Thursday we take it back to Minnesota where it all started for the 37-year-old future hall of famer.

This iconic press conference was prior to the first Game 7 in Timberwolves post-season history, which took place on May 19th, 2004. Garnett propelled the T-Wolves to the Western Conference Finals, dropping 32 points on the Kings and grabbing 21 boards, ultimately delivering one of his most memorable performances in his career.

Whether you’re looking for 20 seconds of motivation before tonight’s Thunder/Warriors game or you’re waiting for the metro and need 20 seconds to get hyphy, look no further than this classic snippet from KG.