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Everyone has bad habits. Some people try to quit smoking, others try not to drink and drive more than a couple times a week, but for the Baltimore riceRavens, it’s all about trying to rid themselves of light workloads for Ray Rice. For whatever reason, this seems to come up every year. If you watch the Ravens on tape, you’ll see their passing-attack is most balanced and fluid when Rice is involved. Across three games, Rice has only touched the ball 41 times. Apparently, Head Coach John Harbaugh took notice.

Harbaugh told reporters on Wednesday that the team would do everything in its power to get the ball into Rice’s hands more often. Citing the need to create more plays for the passing-game, Harbaugh hinted that Rice would have more opportunities as a pass-catcher moving forward. While Rice attempts to fully recover from a hip injury that kept him out of Week 3, the Ravens would be advised to cut back some of Bernard Pierce’s touches and let their workhorse do his thing.