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Jacoby Jones is known for his hands of stone, his performance in last year’s playoffs (specifically vs. the Broncos and 49ers), and for being eskimo brothers with one of my boys.

Bryant McKinnie is simply known for being a massive 6’8 – 352 pounds and for his acts of despicableness as a party-goer on Fred Smoot’s boat party.

Bottomline, it doesn’t take ” rocket appliances ” to figure out that McKinnie would be better served to celebrate his birthday somewhere other than on a Washington D.C. party bus, involving strippers and Jacoby Jones. According to TMZ, a ratchet stripper named “Sweet Pea” swung a humongous bottle at Jones, connecting with his head. As Jones bled from his head, some of his Ravens teammates attempted to go after Ms. Pea, but their attempts were thwarted by McKinnie.


Also according to the report, an ambulance was originally called “for a bleeding male,” but no one departed for the hospital. Police have yet to make any arrests, but this situation could get sorted out as the week goes on. Stay tuned.